How DTC and Retail channels converge in Biocodex's digital strategy to increase ROI and qualified leads by 23%

Customer first, always! In its digital strategy, Biocodex bets on an omnichannel approach that adapts to consumer needs and preferences on both Direct-To-Consumer and Retail channels online & offline.

In our new case study, Biocodex demonstrates why this is essential for multi-channel brands today, in order to successfully increase digital marketing performances, customer satisfaction and sales conversions.

Find out how 4 brands of Biocodex in 6 countries easily:

👉 Create frictionless shopping experiences from any brand content on their websites and other media, according to shopper choices.

👉 Drive more qualified leads to retailers to boost sales and increase mutual benefits with distribution partners.

👉 Measure & optimize shoppers’ paths to purchase and sales conversion at DTC channels and all connected Retailers.

Download case study for inspiration and contact us to upgrade your shopper marketing strategy too!

Case Study Biocodex x Swaven

PoP on Site - Florastor - Canada

PoP on Site - Saforelle - Italy


PoP on Site - Gestarelle - France

PoP on Site - Precosa - Sweden

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